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Wroxham resident and retired Fleet Street journalist Keith Turner runs a very interesting web site that chronicles  the fascinating history of our village.

Keith writes: " Starting with the talk I gave to The Friends of Wroxham Church in 2010 about my boyhood in a village where three generations of my family lived my website has grown over the years with fascinating tales of life here from other contributors. Read about the bear at Bear’s Grove, news from the 1800s, the secret wartime warriors living in The Avenue, the double crash of two Liberators in a Wroxham field, and some of the interesting characters who populated the parish.

Latest update

When most children were educated to the age of 14 you needed a good reason - and a certificate - to leave school earlier than that.  Jack Gorbould’s father was invalided out of the army in the 1914-1918 war so the 13-year-old  needed to work to help support his large family. He might have thought he was lucky to leave school, but…  For another Wroxham man fighting in the same war, his lucky talisman was a picture of his wife and six children.  Two new items in Barry’s Scrapbook at www.wroxhamhistory.wordpress.com 

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