Wroxham Neighbourhood Plan - Now Adopted

What is a Neighbourhood Plan


A Neighbourhood Plan is where a community draws up a blueprint for how it wants to look and grow over the next 15-20 years. Here's a short video that explains how it works: Neighbourhood Plans Explained

Shape Our Future


This process took 18 months and during that time we  consulted as many people as possible for their views on our future

How Much Development


A Neighbourhood Plan cannot be used to stop all development but it can be used to say how much, where and what type of development we would like to see in our village.

What Infrastructure Is Needed


Growth means more people and that means improved infrastructure We will need to look at transport, drainage, telecoms, social care provision and other services that support our community.

Our Neighbourhood Plan Site


We have a dedicated web site for all the latest information on our Neighbourhood Plan. Visit: https://wroxhamplan.wordpress.com

A Vision For Wroxham


We believe our plan will greatly assist on helping plan our village over the next 20 years. You can read it online or there will  shortly be a printed copy in the Library.

Neighbourhood Plan - What it means

How the Neighbourhood Plan affects you. Short video.